Brownells Business Advantage (BBA) is an exciting new program that will save you money and increase the profitability of your business. Brownells has made special arrangements with our service providers to pass these member benefits on to you.

Our business partner for credit card processing and Visa business cards is the Merchant
Solutions group at the First National Bank of Omaha. Our partner for shipping discounts
is UPS and the Joseph Chiarello Company and AIG for property & liability insurance created specifically for companies in firearms related businesses.

The BBA gives you the flexibility to tailor the mix of services to your business needs.
When you join the BBA, you may sign up for all four services immediately, or sign up
for only the ones you need. You can enroll in any service at a later date as long as
you’re a current BBA member.

Initial membership in the Brownells Business Advantage is $50.

Click an option below for more information on these member benefits.

Credit card processing service.

Low-cost, reliable credit/debit card processing service is provided by TSYS Merchant Solutions, one of the largest credit card processors in the United States. Visa/MasterCard processing rates as low as 1.38% (debit) and 1.88% (credit) per transaction.

When you select the credit card processing option after registration, your contact information will be immediately sent to TSYS Merchant Solutions who will be contacting you directly. An analysis of your specific circumstance will be performed to insure that you receive the maximum processing savings.

Visa business credit card.

A Visa business credit card with exceptionally low rates is provided by First National Bank of Omaha Merchant Solutions.

  • Choose a low APR or cash back on all purchases.
  • Fast application process—approval within one week.

When you select the Visa Business Credit Card option after registration your contact information will be immediately sent to First National Merchant Solutions who will be contacting you directly. An application will be sent to you and approved by them.

Discounted UPS shipping.

Generous discounts on Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, and Ground services from the largest package delivery network in the world—a long-term Brownells business partner.

  • You get the UPS daily pickup rate, a substantial discount from the retail rate.
  • Plus, additional discounts up to 28% based on average weekly charges to your account in the past year. The more you ship, the larger your discount.
  • Charges for BOTH outbound and inbound shipments will be charged at the discounted rates.
  • Keep your existing UPS account number or get a new one.

When you select the UPS Discount option you will be linked to You can open a new account with UPS or transfer your existing account to be covered by the BBA program. You may also call UPS at (800) 325-7000 to accomplish setting up your account.

Business/liability insurance.

Business & Liability Insurance. Offered by AIG Insurance, provider of insurance products to the firearms industry since 1981, and underwritten by Joseph Chiarello Company, Inc. Chiarello/AIG insures gunsmiths, retail sellers, wholesalers and distributors, firearm instructors, shooting ranges, gun manufacturers, accessory manufacturers, and importers, as well as ammunition and bullet manufacturers.

  • Get lower premiums on the same coverage you have now or get more coverage for the same size premiums.
  • Specifically covers firearms—most traditional business insurance does not.
  • AIG has an established track-record of defending firearm lawsuits.
  • Fast application review process; if approved, insurance is effective within one week of receipt of payment.
  • Available coverage includes property insurance and general commercial liability.

When you select the business insurance option after registration your contact information will be immediately sent to Joseph Chiarello & Company who will be contacting you directly. An application will be sent to you and approved by them.

Gunsmith Supplies.

Gunsmith Supplies

We've partnered with the ADi Group to provide you with personalized printed items for your shop and your business. By signing up through the BBA program you will receive a discount on items ordered through this website. This unique program will help you create:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Business Forms
  • Promotional Products
  • Gun Price Tags With Your Shop Name

Choose from several different background photos, colors, fonts and layouts to create your very own unique set of business documents to help increase your professionalism in the firearms trade.

When you select the Gunsmith Supplies option after registration your contact information will be immediately sent to ADi Group who will send you an email containing information on how to login to the website in order to receive your BBA discount.

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